• Testimonials

    All reviews are verified. Many are copied and pasted from Inspirational Tarot page on Yelp.

    "Thank you profusely for changing my life in such a positive way...It is meeting people like you that make my
    life worth living."
    Tim Coves ~ Student - Australia


    "Let me start off this review to say, I have the tendency to be dismissive when I think something is fake, dumb, or pointless. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I hate bullshit of any kind so I'm telling you this was not a waste of my time. As a matter of a fact, it was probably one of the most valuable personal investments I have made for myself this past year.
    I completed my second 60 min reading with Leslie recently and I have to say it was even better than the first reading I had. This time around she provided crystal clear clarity, unique and applicable suggestions, and gave wonderful advice to me on nearly every aspect of my life.
    Leslie is truly a great tarot card reader to go to (her intuition is on point). She literally painted the events occurring in my life without me giving her a hint or idea of the current dynamics of my life right now. As she explains the cards and what she sees for you, she is never disrespectful and her energy is very calming. She emits wisdom and honesty and you FEEL her meaning and wishing the best for you in the reading as she is a very peaceful and kind person. It was truly an inspirational reading and I have felt VERY emotionally and mentally present and at peace with every choice I have made since my reading. I am feeling very connected to myself which is something she offered me the first time around and even more so this time.
    I don't like sharing my opinions with others when it comes to reviews, but Leslie is wonderful. Please treat her with respect because she's so calm and respectful to you (2-way street, guys)! Prepare some questions or at least have basic ideas of what you would like insight on. Leslie works WITH you and your energy. You are maneuvering your own emotional, mental, and spiritual self so be open during the reading. Leslie is the tarot card reader for the job - She has a lovely voice (reminds me of a yoga instructor!! Very calming) and talking to her feels like a friend that you can wholeheartedly trust. Grateful for this session. Thank you Leslie!"

    Courtney F. ~ New York City, USA


    "I was very fortunate to have had a reading with you in Bali @ Biku in 2013. It was my first tarot reading and
    a 'spur of the moment decision while I was having afternoon tea. I was the very last reading you did that
    day and you gave me such an accurate and inspirational reading; one that I will remember with gratitude and
    take with me."
    Carol Balatincz ~ Australia

    "You're so accurate! Just listened to the reading again!"
    Jacqueline Aliss ~ Talent Agent, Perth Australia

    I have physically and spiritually witnessed Leslie being paced in the paths of many assisting them to gain an
    insight into themselves that they had been seeking. These encounters are so often life-altering experiences.
    Leslie has lived a remarkable life that found her relentlessly seeking the stillness of peace,
    understanding, and wisdom. This in my heart and eyes makes Leslie a trusting and skillful person genuine in
    her desire to help others in contributing to the ever more delicate quest of sustaining and uplifting the love
    and compassionate element of our existence.

    Norbert Perrine ~ Interior Designer, Perth Australia

    "I love her wisdom and ability to say exactly what I needed to hear. She is worth every penny - I can't recommend
    her enough."
    Morena Marazzi ~ Student, Paris France

    Thank you so much, Leslie. I already feel lighter with my thoughts and more positive.
    Jessica Smyth ~ Student, Bendigo Australia

    I have had 3 readings with Leslie Franklin over the last 3 years. In-person in Bali and twice via Skype in
    Australia and between Australia and the USA. She hears, sees & knows what to tell me no matter where she
    She always gives me the guidance needed to enable me to walk in my own truth, let go of fears, and look
    at my personality traits which block me from happiness and mental freedom & contentment.
    Many things she has told me have transpired in reality. The whole experience with Leslie helps me to let go
    and trust, to simply be as honest in my own life as possible. I love having readings with her and would
    recommend her to anyone.
    Virginia Broun ~ Sydney, Australia

    "Leslie Franklin was our resident tarot reader at our restaurant, Biku, in Bali for 2 years. She was one of our
    most popular readers and many of our guests requested her specifically due to her excellent, intuitive tarot
    readings. Leslie's readings are genuine and insightful, and she provides guidance for her clients through the
    card readings. We still have people requesting Leslie and they are very disappointed to hear she is no longer
    reading tarot cards at Biku. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leslie's tarot readings to anyone
    seeking clarification or guidance in their lives. She is warm, caring, and intuitive....what more could you ask
    Asri Kerthyasa ~ Princess of Ubud, Owner of Biku Restaurant, Bali

    "My reading with Leslie was in hindsight very interesting. Leslie told me I would have an important nonromantic relationship with a Canadian man. I was dealing with a very difficult situation for almost 6 months
    with a Canadian man and often thought back to that one reading. I often wish I had pressed for more insight,
    it might have saved me a lot of heartache and money. I will take an extended reading next time."
    Lorraine Ciccia ~ Bali, Indonesia

    "I had an accurate and very beautifully read tarot reading from the lovely Leslie Franklin about two years ago
    in Bali. To be honest I did not believe what she was telling me as I was doubtful I would meet anyone in the
    near future (especially a loving genuine man) but she was absolutely spot on as not long after I flew back to
    Australia, I met the man she told me about (amongst other awesome things she told me in the reading) and I
    have been with him ever since! She has a gorgeous gift in how she reads the cards and I would recommend
    her highly to anyone Interested in getting a reading. Thank you lovely, you are a rare gem! "
    Sharon Gai O'Brian ~ Karratha, Western Australia

    "Some people are just gifted. Leslie is one of those rare souls. I found my reading accurate & insightful as
    well as inspirational.
    Thank you Leslie for giving me guidance & insight into my life with your helpful intuition.."
    Suzanne Folle ~ Bowral Australia

    "Leslie is spot on in her intuition with her readings. So impressive.
    Leslie goes right into what is important not only for the life and peace of a soul but a worldly combination
    that can create harmony and balance with life."
    Lucyna Campbell ~ Adelaide, Australia

    "I have been quite skeptical of tarot card reading in my life. I went to Leslie as her sister works with my family
    and I was at a crossroads in my life and in need of a bit of direction.
    The first reading she did for me set me on the path to starting up my own fashion business which is now very
    successful in its second year. The second main prediction was for me to meet the love of my life in Oct 2014.
    He walked into my life on 26 Sept 2014 - pretty accurate - and we are still madly in love. I went back for another
    reading 6 months later and the same accuracy occurred. Thanks, Leslie. You are one talented lady."
    Celia White ~ Fashion Designer - Australia

    "Thank you very much for your tarot reading :) It was actually my first tarot reading ever, and I am very
    satisfied as you gave me exact descriptions of my life and provided me with wise advice and encouragement
    to continue on a positive life path. Again thank you so much for your amazing reading, this was truly a
    beautiful and unforgettable experience :) "
    Estefanny ~ Australia

    "I have had several readings throughout my life. I had a really good lady but unfortunately, she's dead now. You
    are the first person I have had since then that has been accurate, not just with me but my 2 girls as well."

    Jill Young ~ Purchasing Officer - Australia

    "Hi Leslie, I thought I would let you know that I got the contract to write the guidebook - just as you predicted
    I would. And thank you again for your reading - your words of advice and encouragement have stuck with
    Leeann Murphy ~ Author - Australia

    "Thank you so much for your reading. Once again you've been able to lighten up my path and provide me
    with direction to gain resolution in all of my areas of concern. Amazing reading. Bless you for all your help
    and support."
    Katerina Korbelova ~ Australia

    "Thank you Leslie for addressing my questions with sensitivity and love. You have an amazing ability and I
    adore your no-nonsense approach! It is so real and practical.
    Thank you for my reading, I now feel that I am stronger to face my fears and take a new approach to life and
    its many challenges wholeheartedly and with courage. I look forward to our next reading."
    Giulia ~ Health, Fitness, and Beauty Therapist - Cronulla, Sydney

    "No tengo palabras para expresar mi inolvidable experiencia con Lesslie y su mágico tarot. No sólo
    por su precisión y real sentido adivinatorio si no por la calidez y orientación que da Lesslie con su
    calor humano y su acertada percepción de lo que se siente .
    Único en todo sentido como lo es ella. Maravilloso!"
    Fabricia Escobar ~ Columbia

    Leslie read my tarot cards for the first time a few years back now with such clarity it amazed me. I had never
    met her before but in her readings, things came up that only I had knowledge of. It gave me goosebumps.
    Accurate readings every time by such a beautiful soul. I will warmly recommend her to everyone.
    Hildegunn Teigland Guiney ~ Jewelry Designer - Norway

    Leslie Anne is a very well-informed, intuitive, and sensitive reader. I have been quite amazed at how deeply
    personal, revealing, and apt her reading was. Looking back now I am amazed at how much of what was
    revealed in the reading has actually manifested in my life. In my time of need, Leslie Anne was like a light in
    the darkness, a dream projected from deep in the night's sleep- she really helped me to focus on what was
    merely in the periphery of my consciousness.
    Andy Jans – Brown ~ Musician / Actor - Melbourne, Australia

    My reading with Leslie has been positive and accurate. Leslie has a compassionate clear approach
    that allows you to feel comfortable and positive toward life. In challenges, Leslie brought me clarity and peace of
    mind. I recommend a reading with Leslie - you won't regret it.
    Omar ~ International Psychic Medium

    I just wanted to let you know how spot-on you have been so far and I'm so grateful for having met you a few
    Cloe Neophytou ~ Professional Athlete - Australia

    I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to gain insight and spiritual guidance through Leslie's
    intuitive and love-filled tarot readings. I have always left her feeling empowered and at peace. Her predictions
    and guidance have been so clear and accurate, she is a truly gifted soul, I am so thankful to have crossed
    paths with her!
    Monica ~ Naturopath - Bali, Indonesia

    Thanks for your readings, Leslie. They not only provide insight but solutions to the problems and occurrences
    in my life. I find you better than a psychologist with your solution-focused approach. Thank you!
    Sarah Jane Wilkonson ~Entrepreneur - Melbourne, Australia

    I had a reading yesterday, so enjoyed it and it gave me plenty to think about - Thanks Leslie.
    Kathryn Lee ~ Perth, Australia

    My first reading with you over six months ago was incredibly accurate in all you said
    Sarah Dougherty ~ Journalist - Bali, Indonesia

    My kids and I had a reading with you. My son still is very impressed. He has more confidence about his work
    Peggy Richmond-Rampage ~ Australia

    I keep your words of guidance close to my heart
    Sandy Hussey ~ Australia

    I was very impressed with your gift
    Stephanie Bolen ~ Attorney - USA

    Your readings are an inspiration...
    Thora Moss ~ Fashion Designer - USA

    Thank you for the reading yesterday Leslie. I thoroughly enjoyed your insights and the laughs we shared. I
    would definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a little guiding light
    Christine Williams ~ Sidecar Racer - Sydney, Australia

    “Leslie, I cannot thank you enough for giving me that reading the other day. You were so spot on and you
    have given me the clarity I needed to believe in my journey. You are a very gifted woman. We are blessed.”
    Lee-Anna Keats ~ Fashion Designer - Melbourne, Australia

    “Your reading was beautiful. It inspired me to continue with the path I have recently chosen to take. It gave
    me the strength as a woman to take on my new business and all the challenges associated with it. Although
    I have a loving partner, it is my time and this year I will create my empire. Thank you thank you thank you! You
    are truly a beautiful person inside and out.”
    Diana Watson ~ Australia

    “Leslie, thank you so much for your insightful, non-judgemental, lovely reading. A weight has been lifted from
    my shoulders and I am now looking forward with a smile.”
    Kirsten Spence ~ H & R - Dubai


    "I want to begin by saying I am so grateful for your beautiful gifted abilities. I reached out to you at a very tough time in my relationship and your guidance was exactly what I needed. Hearing everything you validated was healing and assuring. My fiancé and I are in a great place now and I am working on the things you suggested. I have to say I am in a better place within myself too. I definitely recommend Leslie to every one of you that seeks guidance, understanding, and direction. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Leslie and you will be hearing from me again very soon!

    Wangui ~ Santa Clarita, CA USA


    "Absolutely amazing! She gave me wonderful guidance. Truly a positive and incredible experience."

    L'Oreal G. ~ Santa Clarita, CA USA


    "This was my first time getting a tarot reading done. Leslie made me feel very comfortable and she was respectful with my reading. She has a positive, uplifting attitude. I feel like I have more clarification with my life's path. I highly recommend her, thanks again Leslie!"

    Sabrina P - Sacramento, CA USA


    "My reading with Leslie left me with goosebumps.
    I have received many "fake" readings in the past, so I went into the experience with an open mind but with limited expectations. I was recommended to her by a friend, and I saw nothing but positive reviews of her. I was skeptical of receiving a tarot card reading via Skype, as I've always done them in person, but she proved me wrong.
    From the get-go, Leslie was able to tell me many personal things that only I would know. She predicted several things, one of which has already come true. Her reading was very much in positive, but she was not misleading or assuming in any way. She was really genuine and humble. I could feel the energy between us. I was undergoing an episode of big changes and transitions, and my reading with her was just what I needed to soothe my mind and spirit. I will definitely be doing another reading in a couple of months.
    JUST DO IT. I promise you won't be disappointed!"

    Lise L. ~ Miami, Florida USA


    "After a long time trying to find a tarot reader in Los Angeles I finally followed a friend's advice and booked a reading with Leslie. I'm so glad I did! Leslie has great energy and you can tell when you talk with her that her main objective is genuinely and truly inspiring you and helping you achieve your goals. Booking a reading with her is a great idea whether you're looking for answers to a specific question in your life or just looking for a general idea of how things are going and how you can manifest your best life. The call is not AT ALL awkward or uncomfortable, right away you feel like you've known Leslie all your life. I can't wait for my next reading!"

    Daphne E ~ Venice, CA USA


    "Leslie is a powerful psychic. The first reading I had was an emergency one and it was initially just through text because Leslie was not available for a phone reading at the time. I was so impressed with how spot-on she was and how she was able to speak to the core issue without even me explaining the marital issues that I was bothered by. Thank you again Leslie!"

    Micheal H. ~ Rowland Heights, CA USA


    Leslie is amazing! I heard great things about her through a community of astrology blogs and decided to get a reading done by her. She did most of the talking which I appreciated! Her voice was truly calming and loving even through the phone. She gave me tons of guidance and insight on topics of my life that I was feeling uncertain about. At a significant period of my life in the middle of life-changing decisions, she provided the light I needed to move forward confidently. Leslie also sent me a recording of the reading which has been quite helpful as every time I go back to read it I catch something I missed. She has definitely given me a lot of clarity and I will definitely be returning for another reading

    Karla R. ~ Los Angeles, CA USA


    "This review is long overdue, but I feel so blessed and grateful to have met Leslie. She has truly changed my life and outlook on things. She is honestly one of the most beautiful, gentle, strongest, and wisest souls I've ever met. I've done a few readings with Leslie over the past year where I've experienced some of the most painful and trying times of my life and she has given me advice and insight that has made me so much stronger, wiser, and at peace with myself and situations that I will take with me for the rest of my life.
    Whether you are looking for comfort, advice, hope that things will get better, or for the reassurance that you are strong enough to get through whatever it is that you are experiencing, you should definitely book with Leslie. Her advice comes from a place of compassion, understanding, and experience and she genuinely wants to help/will always be honest with you in a caring way. She really is gifted with intuition and uses her gift to do good in the world. Thank you for everything Leslie! Wishing you nothing but happiness and love!"

    Jelika Mae-C. ~ Queens, NY USA


    "Leslie is amazing! I've never had a reading done but I heard about her work through Tumblr and I decided to schedule a session. My experience was amazing. She explains everything in depth and takes her time throughout. Her warmness and kindness really allowed me to feel comfortable. Leslie creates a safe space for vulnerability and honesty. Her intuition and gifts are much appreciated, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone."

    Akiah D. ~ Jonesboro, GA USA


    " I've had two readings with Leslie over the phone and she is by far one of the kindest souls I've ever spoken to. I'm very shy and it's nice that she can do readings over the phone with accuracy. She starts off her readings with a prayer which is something I really liked and appreciated. She listens to everything you have to say and doesn't rush you and really touches on things you want to know. She answers every question you have in detail. She doesn't sugarcoat things but that being said she doesn't give "bad news" in a way that makes you feel bad but in a way that you know there's light at the end. I'm looking forward to future readings with her. Thank you so much Leslie!"

    Sasha M. ~ Riverside, CA USA


    "I've had three readings with Leslie now. This is something I've always wanted to do but it's hard to find someone who's real. my very first reading with Leslie I was super nervous but shortly into the phone call I was relaxed. not long after that, I was blown away! She had accurate information on my life and it brought me to tears (happy tears of course).
    Leslie gives the BEST advice during readings. She delivers it in such a beautiful/calming way that it gives you an overwhelming feeling of peace. Talking to Leslie is like talking to one of my friends who's known me for years. She always answers all of my questions, and the information she provides me with almost always comes true.
    Leslie is a phenomenal tarot reader and a lovely soul. you will NOT regret booking with her!"

    Stephanye W. ~ Mesa, Arizona


    "I am a person who comes from a family that really believes in readings, I was the only one that did not. Until today around 2 pm When I spoke with Leslie. She is absolutely amazing she said every emotion I was feeling, and she didn't miss one thing about my situation. All I gave her was my name and with the cards I chose she was able to know everything that was going on. I was so overwhelmed I almost cried. She is so great I don't regret a single minute of me speaking to this woman. She will seriously bless your day!! make the call!"

    Yaraldi M. ~ North Hollywood, Los Angeles


    "I cannot say enough amazing things about this truly, talented, and gifted woman. Her readings regarding all the questions I have asked have always presented themselves to me in the future! Because of her accuracy, today was my 3rd time going back to Leslie for clarity and guidance (which was achieved) over a very touching matter. I now feel at ease and I'm looking forward to what is ahead in my path."

    Crystal M. ~ Los Angeles, CA


    "I LOVE Leslie! I've done a couple of readings with her and just got done with a three-question session and I am always amazed. She's so honest and inspiring. She exposes and empowers you simultaneously. Any time I'm needing clarification on anything I go to her because I know she cares and she's extremely accurate. Leslie is wonderful to connect with, she came highly recommended and has not disappointed. She's helped me so much and I will continue to come back!"

    Cassandra G. ~ Houston, Texas


    "This was a really powerful reading! It felt more like a therapy session than a psychic reading in that it gave me the tools and insight to move into my future with courage and grace. I appreciated the way Leslie spoke with so much honesty, clarity, compassion and wisdom. Highly recommend, Leslie is the real deal and not only offers insight into the future but also the best way to prepare yourself for the coming changes."

    Amalia A. ~ Topanga, CA


    "Really incredible. Leslie was able to clearly determine the issues I was grappling with and explain many of the intricacies of my situation. It was amazing how accurate the cards were as well as her interpretations and predictions based on what we discussed. Leslie is not judgemental, very warm and caring, and really seems to have a profound gift. She also did not merely tell me what I wanted to hear but pushed and was willing to go quite a bit deeper into the issues I was most concerned about. I will definitely seek her services again."

    Amie G. ~ Granada Hills, CA


    "Leslie is so great! Her reading was very insightful and although I was a bit nervous she was so calming and soothing throughout it all. I felt like I was speaking to an old friend! I definitely recommend Leslie and will be doing more readings with her."

    Diane C. ~ Los Angeles, CA


    "A friend of mine recommended Leslie and she wasn't wrong. I have to say this is by far one of the best readings I have ever had! Her reading was SO accurate and that was only the free 15 minutes. I can only imagine how much insight she will be able to give me with a full reading!"

    Daniela M. ~ San Frenando, CA


    "This review is long overdue. I have been working with Leslie for over a year and a half. She is ridiculously spot-on and accurate. She comes from a place of love and light and always sheds the information I need to know so I can either face decisions with clarity or overcome an obstacle. She is all heart and cares for her clients and somehow just knows sometimes when they need a dash of hope or two. I have had other psychic readings in the past with others that pale in comparison. She is the real deal and if you find her it is probably for a reason that you should follow. I always believe you only receive the guidance you are supposed to so when you do meet with her do it with an open heart and mind....sometimes it's not what you want to hear but what you need to hear and she does not sugar coat but that honesty and clarity truly helps in the moment. She is an angel that's for sure. I highly recommend over and over."

    Kelly A. ~ Beverly Hills, CA USA


    "I had the chance to get a 15-minute reading with Leslie and it was one of the most positive and encouraging readings I've had. I've been personally reading tarot for about 10 years and can really say she knows her stuff! Would highly recommend getting a reading for anyone who's never had one or is a seasoned reader that doesn't particularly like reading for themselves (like me)!"

    Midred L.~ Los Angeles, CA


    "I've had two readings done with Leslie over the last year and she's always been wonderful! Everything she does is with love and kindness and even when she's delivering harder news she does so with hope behind it. She's always been very accommodating with scheduling and is very much worth booking a reading with. You won't be disappointed and you'll be happy you chose to spend time with Leslie."

    Kitty S. ~ Frederick, MD, USA


    "Leslie is Amazing! She is so soft however still direct... love her energy... so grateful to have found her... she records reading and sends you pictures of your cards.. really felt she was not worried about the money..."

    Shary C. ~ Ontario, CA


    "I really appreciate Leslie's compassion, kindness, and wisdom. I was dealing with an important life choice, which on the surface seemed like all I had ever wanted, a dream come true. But somewhere deep inside, I was having an intuitive feeling that all may not be what it seems and that the repercussions of going along with that option may have painful consequences for me and my family that I am absolutely not ok with. I felt very torn, nervous, and uncertain what choice to make. Leslie brought so much clarity and peace to me, helping me validate my intuitive second-guessing of the situation and walking me through life choices that align much more closely with values that I hold dear for myself and my family. I couldn't stop thanking Leslie at the end of the session because I was just so happy to finally feel so much clarity and peace and hope after talking to her. :)"

    Dasha D. ~ Salem, OR, USA


    "Really enjoyed my reading. Leslie made me feel heard and created a safe space for me to ask my questions. I really loved her approach to spirituality. I will definitely return for additional readings."

    Jocelyn H. ~ San Francisco, CA


    "I was referred to Leslie by a family member who has been consulting with her for years.
    I am so grateful to have been introduced to her, she is a kind approachable, and intuitive reader with bucketloads of empathy and compassion. We looked at the year ahead and I found her description of the spread very insightful. I am hoping to speak with Leslie again soon for a more in-depth reading, I absolutely trust her connection both to me and with her guides. Fantastic reader and an awesome person. Thank you Leslie!"

    Eilidh S. ~ San Francisco, CA


    "Just had another amazing reading with Leslie. I don`t write a lot of reviews but Leslie made me feel so at peace and motivated about my future. I felt wonderful and very positive energy radiating from Leslie and she really put my mind at ease with what I`ve been worrying about these past few months. Very insightful and will be doing a reading again soon :)"

    Reagan W. ~ Olympia, WA


    "This review is long overdue - I have worked with Leslie since 2018. I remember when I had my first reading with her, I was skeptical and mainly did it for fun with a friend because we always wanted to get a tarot reading and see what it was like. To my surprise, Leslie knew a lot about me and I did not disclose much about my past to her - I just wanted guidance on the future but she could tell that my past trauma was affecting me. I was so touched when she checked on me a couple days after my first reading with her to make sure I was okay.
    Leslie is truly a very kind-hearted, compassionate, and caring person and gives valuable insight that can shine light on your situation. She doesn't sugarcoat things and gives you the truth - no matter how painful it may be. The advice she gives is also realistic and helpful and smart.
    I've also noticed that her predictions have been accurate - like how I would get a job or when I would get into a relationship. Of course, her predictions can change according to how you go about things since they're not set in stone. I know I have changed my path and deviated from her timelines but in general, she has been spot on. Just be aware that while she may give you a prediction, it can always change based on what path you decide to take.
    Overall, I recommend Leslie and if you're hesitant, definitely give her a try! I will continue to book her whenever I need some clarity and insight on a situation. Thank you for what you do Leslie!"

    Van L. ~ City Central, Richmond, CA


    "I have had readings from Leslie 3 times, over the course of 3 years, and each time she has been so accurate and precise, but most importantly so loving and caring in her response. She is empathetic and understands every situation, and I think that is why she is able to pick up on so many things. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance! Thank you Leslie!"

    Madeline T. ~ San Francisco, CA


    "Just had my first reading with Leslie and she is amazing! I feel so calm and relieved after our talk. You can tell she is very skilled in her craft and full of love and light. Highly recommend."

    Nicole H. ~ San Fransico, CA


    "I just had a second reading with Leslie. Some issues needed attention. Without a doubt, she is a most awesome and gifted intuitive. Where I had confusion, there is now Clarity; where there was dark, now there is Light; where there was fear, now there is Joy. Thank you a million times over!"

    Geoff B. ~ Stevenson Ranch, CA


    "I wanted to start out by saying that before I came to Leslie I went to some other readers who you could tell only wanted your money and wanted to scam you. I found Leslie through an online website. Many reviews stated that she was different in that she didn't just only read for you, but she was there as a support and helped guide you in a way that you come out of the reading with clarity. My first reading was the proof. I did not tell her anything going into the reading and she told me everything that was going on and was on point. Just like the reviews had said. I came out of the reading with a sense of clarity and confidence everything was going to be ok. Ever since that first time, I have been a repeat customer. I fully recommend Leslie, because she cares."

    Anna P. ~ Lancaster, CA


    "I received a tarot reading for my birthday, and I was blown away! She had a lot of insightful comments, and I walked away with a lot to consider. If anyone is looking for a meaningful reading, I would highly recommend Leslie."

    Gryphon B. ~ Kingsbury, Australia


    "I've been in contact with Leslie for about two years and every reading I've had with her has brought me more support in my journey than I can ever thank her for! Leslie has a wonderful way of offering both facts and guidance that is inspiring. I love referring her to my friends and having them experience the same."

    Marisa M. ~ Pleasanton, CA


    "Leslie is amazing and has such a soothing voice when giving a tarot reading and it really helps whenever you're feeling nervous. I just got my first ever reading and it was pretty wonderful."

    Daisy G. ~ Garland, Texas


    "I was fortunate to be able to use 15-minute free reading. Leslie is very professional and without wasting any time, jumped straight into the reading. She was very good to ask if I had any questions and provided the answers and guidance as per cards. Totally recommend her. It will be worth it even if you go for a paid reading. Thank you Leslie."

    Rina P. ~ Cambridge, United Kingdom


    "I am more than grateful that I opened my mind to tarot reading and it was Leslie who I chose to do the reading. I had an incredible experience with her. She had been direct and it was surprising how spot-on her explanations were. I would definitely do another reading and even encourage the people who are close to me to do a reading with her."

    Leah C. ~ San Francisco USA


    "Leslie was the first reading I had ever had. It was exactly a year ago, and I got my second reading with Leslie just a week ago. Both readings were 60 minutes, over the phone. The first time, I was nervous about the whole experience, the idea that a stranger was going to tell me about my life from a few cards all the way across the country. But the reason I sought a psychic out in the first place scared me more. I battled with whether or not I was going to go into details about why my life felt so out of control, why I was in pain, and why I needed any kind of guidance possible. In the end, I decided to say nothing, to just ask for a general reading, and go from there.
    From the moment of hello, my nerves were calmed by just Leslie's voice. In some short conversations to break the ice, by just her language, I could see that Leslie was a genuine person, perfectly human, and just wanting to help others. In shuffling the cards, Leslie made you a part of the process, something I enjoyed as it made me feel directly connected to my future. When diving into the reading, Leslie's confidence in the way she interpreted the cards told me she was an expert at this, and it was proven when she told me things about my life I had never shared with even my closest friends. You learn the good and the bad from your reading, but with everything, Leslie gives amazing advice to deal with the life to lead in front of you, allowing you to leave the reading with solutions instead of more questions. As it was a 60-minute reading, I got a forecast for the year, which is why I waited a year before my second reading. I also wanted to be sure that I didn't interrupt/change my own destiny. I wanted to see if everything would play out the way Leslie predicted, and it did. Every last thing.
    I received so much clarity and felt like I was put on a path of growth after both readings, and having now gotten readings from others, I can truly value Leslie's gifts. My close friends have also gotten readings from her and have also raved about the connection they felt with Leslie. She is undoubtedly a wonderful person, and I will continue to recommend her for as long as she is offering her services."

    Imani T. ~ Boston, Massacheusets


    "Leslie is the real deal, people! This has been my third reading, and she never disappoints. She comes through with the wisdom and advice that I need to take and presents herself as very calm. She is blunt and straightforward, and she really does possess a gift. These readings are very useful for taking your next step forward in getting what you deserve. Thank you, Leslie!"

    Maria K. ~ San Francisco CA


    "I had a reading with Leslie and it was amazing! She is such a great reader that is so accurate! I had a reading with Leslie where I was asking about a specific person, and she said I would bump into them in 6 weeks. Absolutely no exaggeration, 6 weeks later I ran into this person. I was floored! For her to have predicted something that usually happens by chance, and the exact time is crazy and mind blowing! It was 5 weeks and 6 days but basically exactly 6 weeks. Leslie will make you change your mind about tarot if you have a reading with her! Trust me, it's worth it! Do a reading!!!"

    B.L. ~ Ajax, Canada


    "Where do I start?! Leslie is an amazing reader, I have trusted and confided in her with many problems in my personal love life and she's given me so much clarity. She tells the honest truth from what she senses and sees with her tarot cards and gives you advice, her readings are also extremely accurate! Leslie is more like an old friend who you can trust with anything, her voice is so soothing and calming, her energy is so lovely and friendly which can really help if you feel anxious or nervous. She even offers to record her readings and send them to you if you feel too shy to talk with her over the phone. Leslie is amazing and I would recommend her to anybody."

    Alice K. ~ Hemel, Hempstead, U.K.


    "Leslie is the real deal. I can't even explain to you how genuine, kind, and thorough she is throughout her readings. This was my second reading, a 30-minute one, where she expanded on my future for the next year. You know how people say you know you better than you know yourself? False. Leslie knows me better than I know myself. She reminds me of the healthy choices I should be making when I'm tempted to make the wrong ones. Thanks Leslie! You will not be disappointed if you go for a reading, it's really enlightening!"

    Merira M. ~ Manhatten, New York


    "I've had two readings done by the wonderful Miss Leslie, one full-hour session, and one email session. Both sessions provided me with such wonderful positivity, motivation, strength, clarity, and guidance. She has such a calming voice, and attitude, that made me feel so comfortable and at peace. I came in, both times very uncertain, nervous, and anxious, and left with a newfound understanding of my situation and how to progress. I have felt so lost, and uncertain, but after speaking with Leslie I have been given a strong sense of hope. She definitely deserves every praise given to her.
    If you are reading this Miss Leslie, thank you so much! Keep doing the work you do, because it is a blessing to everyone you help!"

    M.S. ~ Kissimee, Florida


    "Just had my second reading with Leslie and I can't tell you how much she helped, all the things she said went through me and I helped a lot. I truly recommend her, she is amazing you'll go with a sense of worth and feeling great after hearing what she has to say."

    Monica O. ~ San Francisco, USA


    "I created this account (Yelp) just for the sole purpose of posting a review about my experience with Leslie and her tarot readings. I had two readings done by her (the second reading was done two weeks after the first) - a bit overzealous, I suppose, but I was going through a rough period and I needed insight/advice.
    For the first reading, I was nervous in the beginning because I had not done anything like this before. I requested for an audio recording because the time zone made it difficult for me to be present. Listening to her speak felt like a warm wave of comfort. She was kind and gentle with her support, and I felt like crying halfway through the recording because she was that understanding. I didn't give much information about myself, but she knew things about me and my family that very few know.
    The second reading revealed something about myself that I resisted accepting for a long while until I forgot it even existed! But it's been causing issues for me and because I forgot about it, I didn't understand what was going on. Leslie reminded me of it in a kind yet frank manner, which I appreciated. I didn't even feel judged like I would if others pointed out the same to me. It felt like a wise loving friend advising me, wanting only the best for me.
    This turned out to be longer than I expected, so I'm going to end this by saying that Leslie is truly amazing and you shouldn't have any doubts about having a tarot reading done by her. If it's within your budget, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to the 60 minutes reading!
    Thank you, Leslie! You've helped me so much :)"

    Amanda L. ~ Singapore -Singapore


    "So I've had 3 readings by Leslie now and they all have been amazing and accurate! From points about my work life to my romantic life, she's always on point! My last reading was a recorded one where she confirmed things for me that she herself didn't know!! I would highly recommend her for a reading, especially if you're trying to find direction or get confirmation on the path you're going down!"

    Alicia G. ~ Lithonia, GA


    "So very helpful and to the point, as well as kind. The first reading- loved it! Cried like a baby. I felt like I had so much more clarity going forward. Simple and straight to the point. An unforgettable experience honestly and hit the nail on the head with something I struggle with. The second reading was a blessing. Thank you."

    Precious R. ~ Denton, Texas


    "I am very skeptical of psychics and tarot readings but I just came through a very hard time point in my life and nothing was providing me the guidance that I needed. I first heard of Leslie from Tumblr and I've heard nothing but positive reviews and experiences, so I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose from this. Leslie is truly an incredible person! She knew nothing of me apart from my location yet she told me things that only I would know and she guessed the hardships that I was facing. Leslie was so kind, comforting, and warm that I felt like she truly understood me as a person despite never having met me. The reading bought me so much clarity and peace of mind that I now have the motivation to make positive changes for myself. I will most definitely book a longer session next time and if you are a skeptic, I say give it a go!"

    L.K. ~ London, U.K.


    "I had my first 60-minute reading with Leslie last month. The reading greatly exceeded my expectations. In the past 30 years, I have worked with a number of energy healers and psychics. Leslie is the best psychic I ever worked with. I was very impressed by Leslie's psychic ability. She accurately identified my issues from the very beginning of the reading and offered sound advice. Leslie is undoubtedly a powerful psychic. Furthermore, she is a compassionate and caring person. She does not give you sugar-coated talks, yet she takes care to deliver the truth in a gentle and caring way. Her calming and beautiful voice, like a soothing balm on wounds, comforts and heals you. I was so impressed by her after the first reading that I had a new year forecast reading with her this week. Again, she was very accurate in identifying my issues and offered her wisdom. I was emotional going into both readings. After each reading, I was calm and reassured. Leslie is a unique Tarot reader with tremendous psychic power as well as compassion, love, and care for her clients. She talks to you in such a caring way that you feel like you are chatting with your best friend. Whether you are on a journey of self-discovery, contemplating changes in your career or relationship, identifying health issues, or seeking clarity for your future path, a reading with Leslie will be a highly valuable and rewarding experience. "

    Weizan B. ~ Middlesex, New Jersey, USA


    "Leslie gave me some great clarity and guidance that I was seeking. I could really feel her positive energy and loving intent as she did my reading. I will definitely do future readings with her!"

    Renee R. ~ Bakersfield, CA


    "My reading with Leslie was extremely warm and enlightening. I really appreciated how it made me think and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear but more what I really needed to hear. It comes across even in a recording what a kind soul Leslie is and this love that she radiates is so healing and inspiring. Above all, the reading felt genuine and honest, a truth that was delivered delicately and full of compassion. It left me feeling comforted but also taught and directed me to have love and compassion for myself which I can see now is what I should be focusing on. Hopefully, I will be able to purchase a longer reading in the future and I highly recommend Leslie to everyone and anyone!"

    Mairhead J. ~ Glasgow, Scotland.


    "My reading with Leslie was just as amazing as the first one. She gives off such a warm and radiant vibe -- I had chills from the beginning to the end of my reading."

    Sabriyah B. ~ Port Richey, Florida


    "Leslie is such a blessing. I just had my second reading with her and I've never been happier to hear from someone, her words guide you onto the path you've been destined to go on! She is so kind and funny too makes it feel more comforting! I suggest everyone to book a reading with her you won't be disappointed :)"

    Yasmin K. ~ Toronto, Canada


    "I had a reading with Leslie at the end of October that I found incredibly helpful and accurate. She was very kind and she never made me feel rushed or like it was just a business for her. I could tell she enjoys what she does."

    Sylvia L. ~ Yonkers, New York


    "I just had my tarot reading with Leslie and all I can say is wow! She is so insightful and told me not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. She is very sweet and really cares about you. I will be recommending her to all of my friends and of course coming back in the future."

    Steph M. ~ Roosevelt, New York


    " I had my first ever tarot reading with Leslie and she gave me such amazing guidance in my life. I had been planning to get a reading forever and I'm so glad I finally did. She is very kind, caring, intuitive, and calming to listen to. Even while giving advice and pointing out places that you need to change in your life, she is extremely positive and uplifting. Leslie is very accurate as well, and mentioned many personal things about my life that no one would know without me telling them. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get a tarot reading, whether it be your first or not. There are many different types of readings she offers which can suit anyone with just one or two questions, or someone looking for a very in depth reading. I will definitely book another reading again. She is a blessing and I'm so happy to have had her read for me!"

    Maya B. ~ New York, New York


    "I LOVED my reading with Leslie. It was a couple months ago but I had written on my to do list for forever to write a review bc I was that impressed by it!!! I can't wait to book another reading with her very soon! My last reading was so healing and came at the perfect time. She's an AMAZING reader. Love it, 5 stars!!!!"

    Hannah K. ~ Fort Wayne, IN


    "My reading with Leslie gave me a lot of hope for the future. I often feel stuck in my own head and battle with anxiety and she recognized that and reassured me that I have the potential and abilities to bring myself to great places. She explained to me that I had leadership qualities that needed to be put to use and offered advice on how to use them, too. Purchasing a reading with Leslie was a great decision and I encourage everyone to try it at least once, even if you're a skeptic. She kind, helpful, explains everything thoroughly, and makes her advice simple to understand."

    Taylor P. ~ Lorton, VA


    "I've had two readings with Leslie, a free 15 minute one in February and a 30 minute one in September. Both readings left me feeling full of light and recharged with motivation and excitement for life. I know there is a lot of speculation about the legitimacy of readers and psychics but Leslie is AMAZING. Its so obvious that she truly cares about connecting and giving genuine, positive insight. There is no doom and gloom with her, she's not trying to scare you into buying anything. If there is any cause for concern in the cards she offers sincere advice on how to overcome obstacles. Most importantly she focuses on you, and how the reading can help you grow and how you can learn to deal with obstacles in your life. This sets her apart from readers who tell you "this person wants to hurt you" or "this bad thing is going to happen to you in 7 days" she instead gives you advice on how to rise above any potential difficulties, encourages you to always focus on your light and grow. Leslie has such a light about her that really encourages you to think higher thoughts and start your journey to become your higher self. Thank you so much for sharing your light Leslie!"

    Emily R. ~ Flushing, New York


    "Talking with Leslie is like speaking to an actual guardian angel. She is extremely kind while still being honest and straight forward with her advice. In my first two readings with Leslie I was going through an extremely difficult time, and she picked up on that. She stopped for a moment as a tarot reader and spoke to me as a friend. She provided me with advice that communicated so much love!!! She is truly a blessing. In my third reading, her kindness persisted. I truly love working with her and plan to continue. She is truly a beautiful soul"

    Marnia T. ~ Fairfax, VA


    "I've had psychic readings and other forms of spiritual readings done before, but I've never really been impressed/helped by any of them. Whatever they would tell me in those readings never sunk in internally and just didn't resonate with me at all.
    Leslie, on the other hand, was kind, funny, and very patient and understanding throughout our reading. She answered any questions I had and was very honest with my results. Honestly, if I could do weekly readings with her, I probably would. She really is great at what she does and touched on a few things that I had not even mentioned but was currently in the process of doing or experiencing. She helps guide you toward your best self and explains everything in great detail, and will gladly clarify anything you may be confused about. She also gave me a lot of advice and suggestions on what I could do to open myself up more to the blessings that are coming, and that has been helping me out quite a bit.
    I genuinely recommend doing at least one reading with Leslie so you can see how wonderful and lovely she truly is. She also sends a recording of the reading so you can go back and relisten to any parts that you may have missed or that really resonated with you - which I personally find really great to do. I plan on doing more readings with her in the future for sure :)"

    Nicole D. ~ Brooklyn, New York


    My reading with Leslie brought me so much clarity. Although we covered very daunting topics, it was very important that we discussed what we did and i'm excited for my next reading with her when that time comes!!

    Emma C. ~ Sydney, Australia


    "Leslie was completely spot on with my reading! Honestly she has one of the most beautiful and approachable personalities ever and is so sweet. I was amazed at her ability to channel the reading despite being across the entire world from her (in Aus). If you ever get a chance to get a reading from her- don't hesitate, do it!! I know I'll be back!"

    Alice C. ~ Lalor, Australia


    "Amazing reading, was blown away. Wasn't much of a believer in such readings until now. Thank you Leslie for being so kind and great. Also thank you for wishing me a happy birthday!"

    Vytautas P. ~ Los Angeles, CA


    "My first reading ever and I was literally tearing up as Leslie was reading me. I did the 30 mins reading and I wish I did the 60mins one. She's very kind and even her voice is just really soothing. She really wants the best for you and she will tell you how to shift your energy into something positive. Thank you so, so much, Leslie, and I'll definitely be back for another reading soon."

    Natasha V. ~ New York, New York


    "My reading was such a positive experience, Leslie is very intuitive and so kind! I felt so comforted afterwards because I received so much clarity about my situation. She walks you through every step in the reading and asks questions, provides helpful insight, etc. Definitely worth it!"

    Erin L. ~ Clark, New Jersey


    "Spot on and super helpful. Great energy and got clarity I needed. Intending on doing more readings after my first experience. Leslie has the real deal gift. You won't regret it!!"

    Alex A. ~ Lancaster, CA


    "Leslie is so amazing I actually tried the 15mins promo the
    reading left me in tears cos everything is accurate. And she's very nice and accommodating since I only avail the free reading and my Skype didn't work that day, she so kind to adjust for me. She still make a way to do the reading through recording it. She has true gift. I, myself a tarot reader was amazed by her and definitely recommend her for those who seeks inspirational and hollistic reading. Thanks Leslie loves a lot."

    Arnie Z. ~ Cavite, Phillipines


    "Leslie is such a pleasure to get a reading from! It was my first in depth one and I couldn't have had it with a better person. Insightful, intuitive and makes you feel comfortable from the start. I would highly recommend her :)"

    Nicole B. ~ Manhatten, New York


    "I've had the pleasure of a few readings with Leslie now, and I look forward to maaaany more! Leslie is a genuinely KIND, loving human being whose goal is to help and heal. To offer guidance and hope.... She radiates this beautiful, calming, maternal, warm energy- She makes you feel so comfortable, like you're talking to an old friend. I trust Leslie entirely, every time we speak, I'm left in utter shock by the way she just... Knows things. Things I've never said aloud/ spoken to anyone about, leslie has picked up on and seen in the cards. She's incredible. I'm telling you, this woman has a true, honest to goodness GIFT. I've never met anyone so intuitive and spiritually in-tune... She is very honest, which is immensely appreciated and hard to come by. If Leslie sees something not so ideal in the cards, she will tell you, but at the same time, she'll steer you through the potential issue at hand with pure wisdom and love. if you're looking for spiritual healing, I truly urge you to have a reading with this incomparably talented and wise soul. I come out of every reading with my heart completely soothed and my soul replenished / enlightened. Her guidance, predictions, and immense care have helped me emerge through some truly hard times, triumphant and empowered. Trust leslie, she's beautiful in every sense of the word, and she has your back."

    Casey S. ~ West Palm Beach, Florida


    "I cried a little while listening to Leslie's reading. The calming voice, the prayer she begin with, the excitement in her voice. I loved every part of the reading. It felt like hearing your voice within talking to you out loud saying everything you need in order to realize what you're going through, what you need and what is hurting you. All this with a warm feeling and healing tone. I appreciate Leslie's time and energy for doing this. And she is funny too. Such an adorable and wholesome experience.
    I live in Europe so Leslie did the reading without seeing me, recorded the reading and sent it to me with a picture of the cards.
    Thank you again. I will be more than happy to come back to you again.

    Lus Y. ~ Utah, Utah


    "I literally made a yelp account just to review leslie's incredible reading! Nothing like the stressful experience you think of when thinking about a reading, Leslie was positive, but completely realistic and can make even the most shy person(aka me lol) feel comfortable! I was impressed by some specific details she disclosed and she was very helpful in helping me understand everything. Thank you Leslie for bringing a positive light into my thoughts about the future and I am looking forward to a next reading!"

    Tatiana G. ~ Harrisburg, PA


    "Amazing woman! She made me feel so awesome! It was hard to digest one part because I love to dream but she kept me in reality and I am so glad! Love her"

    Ashley C. ~ West New York, New Jersey


    "Leslie is simply amazing. I have never done a reading before, so having my first reading done by her was life changing. She made me feel comfortable about having my first reading, but she also provided me with much clarity, which I desperately needed at that time. About month later my life is going great and I cannot thank her enough. I adore her and am forever grateful for her. She has given me hope in my life. Thank you Leslie!
    For those who has never done a reading before, I strongly recommend Leslie. She is a sweet lady who is there to help you provide any clarification about any issues that you are going through. She will explain the process of the card reading, explain to you what the cards mean, and will answer any questions you may have. Like I said she is great, and I highly recommend her for a reading."

    Marsha S. ~ El Paso, Texas


    "After reading lots of incredible reviews I purchased a reading from Leslie and was not disappointed! The reading had such a positive energy and left me feeling incredibly content & with such an improved sense of clarity. Extremely insightful & authentic, would highly recommend!"

    Rachael B. ~ Hendon, Australia


    "This was my first tarot reading and I couldn't be happier with how it went. At first I was nervous but Leslie has a really warm and welcoming personality which makes you feel more at ease with every passing minute. The reading was comfortable and what she told me helped sooth all my worries, she was spot on in what she was saying. Everything she said was very accurate and I left the reading with new excitement for life and my future to come. She truly reassures you of any troubles and helps lead you right to the path you're on. She's a very kind soul, it was a pleasure to have the reading and I can't wait to book a new one again! Thank you so much Leslie. I cannot recommend this enough. Truly 5/5 stars."

    Naima S. ~ Sandpoint, ID


    "This was such an amazing first time experience!! I was so nervous to do the reading, but Leslie made me feel so comfortable the second she called me. Everything she said was easy to follow along with, and when I didn't understand something, she took the time to thoroughly explain it without making me feel stupid. She really focused on the positive side of my future and encouraged me to follow my strengths and to love myself. Immediately after the call, I feel so much hope for what my life has in store for me. Thanks Leslie!!"

    Samantha A. ~ San Jose, CA


    "Leslie was patient with me even though I wasn't on time with our appointment and she even was nice enough to extend our conversation an extra fifteen minutes because of the inconvenience I caused. She was very insightful and helpful. She knew things that are very secret about me and gave helpful advice about how to overcome these things."

    Joey H. ~ Kanosha, WI


    "spot on and healing.. couldn't have had a better experience. Leslie is amazingly kind and patient!"

    V,P. ~ Lohn, Switzerland


    "Truly, Leslie is such a caring and insightful person. She uses her intuition only to inspire and enlighten people who come to her. Leslie really helped me with a spiritual crisis I was having and used experience as means for wisdom. Just so so smart and empathetic and anyone who doesn't get the chance to do her readings is missing out on a life changing experience"

    Will S. ~ Newark, New York


    "At a recommendation from a friend I trust, I booked a reading with Leslie. She was so pleasant and kind to speak to, and the reading restored my sense of inner peace at a time when I was feeling lost in every sense of the word. She said a lot of things that were very specific to me and my situation (for you skeptics out there), and I really do believe she has a true gift. On top of that, her care and empathy for others is palpable even through a phone reading. I have recommended her to quite a few of my friends already - and I think you should book with her too."

    Crystal S. ~ Saint Paul, MN


    "I had never had a tarot reading done before, and I was very nervous to have one done, but I could NOT be more grateful that it was done by Leslie. Her reading was so spot on it was scary! She knew exactly what was going on in my life, and the advice she gave me was extremely helpful and encouraging! She was so sweet and calming. I could tell immediately that she was a really genuine and kind person. I also love that she records the reading and emails it to you. I listen to it whenever I feel sad or discouraged, it always leaves me feeling inspired :) I can't wait to have another reading with her, and I definitely recommend her to you! You will not regret it!"

    Anela R. ~ Manhatten, New York


    "I was so excited and a bit nervous for my first ever tarot reading but I was instantly soothed by Leslie's voice and her spirit. Everything she said was so uplifting and I was even teary eyed at one point because of her encouragement, I genuinely felt that she cared about my future and well being. She gave me loads of advice that I am eager to take and she got me so excited for what this next year has in store. I felt like she was an old friend because she helped me realize deeper issues that I had that I didn't even recognize until she addressed it. I've been working on my "homework" that she gave me and I can't wait to have another reading! I felt so at peace when talking to her and whenever I listen to my recording of our session. I highly recommend Leslie, you will feel amazing afterwards!"

    Lindsay R. ~ Chula Vista, CA


    "Leslie is incredibly accurate, uplifting, positive, and validating. Seriously, I felt better after having a reading with her! Right off the bat, she was able to tell my current life situation when I haven't told her anything yet. She was able to tell where I'm having a deeper issue with when I couldn't express it in words. I've listened to my reading after so many times because it was that accurate and positive. I hold close to my heart the insights and the guidance she has provided in our reading. Because of Leslie, I have more hope for what the future holds for me. It was an amazing first time experience with her and I will definitely be back for another reading soon. If you can, I recommend getting the 60 min reading with her - ample time to ask all of your questions that will change your life for the better.+

    Karen L. ~ Rizal, Plillipines


    "Leslie is wonderful! The things she sensed about me and my life were beyond accurate - to the point where I didn't even know about them until I sat down afterwards and really thought about it. I enjoyed how she didn't say "well a,b and c will happen to you". Instead she gives great advice to get you on that path where you need to be. This was my first ever tarot reading, so I was a bit nervous and didn't ask any questions, which I regret. I will definitely be booking another reading with her and be a little more involved and curious next time!"

    Amanda C. ~ Berlin, New Jersey


    "This past week I had a reading with Leslie. It was my first reading ever. Speaking with Leslie put me in such a calm state. She clarified a lot of things that were jumbled up inside of me that I would not have been able to sift and sort through alone. I don't know how else to explain it and it sounds kind of weird, but I feel like she helped dissolve a blocked flow that I had been feeling inside of me for a long time.
    She knew a lot without having been told much which is noteworthy because I am so cautious about divulging too many details about myself to anyone. She also gave some pretty solid advice. She made me realize that some answers I had within me, but she did an amazing job of verifying it and guiding me. I am looking forward to the things she told me about my future.
    Basically if you are stuck or have ever wondered about getting a reading, take a chance on Leslie. At the very least, she will motivate you and give you some great advice. She's also real with you and funny. Plus, I love that she sends you recordings as well so you can refer back to them.
    I don't know exactly when but I will definitely try to have another reading, especially since I came up with a bunch of questions AFTER the reading was over (of course)."

    Nirali B. ~ PA, PA


    "Leslie is the best. She's helped me overcome the sadness of an old relationship. She encouraged me to stop wasting my time dwelling on the past because my future holds great things. I know what she said was true because she brought up all my issues without me having to. I had 3 questions and i didn't have to even ask because she went straight into answering them for me. Thank u so much, you will hear from me again. I'm telling my friends too!"

    Veronica L. ~ Simi Valley, CA


    "An absolutely amazing person, with an even more amazing gift. Thank you so much for all you've done! It feels like I've been filled with joy to last lifetimes!"

    Anthony G. ~ Wyckoff, New Jersey


    "I highly recommend Leslie! This was my first in depth tarot reading and she explained everything so well and made it a very comforting experience. It was like talking to a friend! She was really spot on in her reading and I love that she uses light and positive energy for her readings it really shows when you're speaking with her!"

    Chandler E. ~ Jacksonville, Florida


    "To anyone having second thoughts about booking with Leslie, I strongly suggest that you do. She is such a beautiful soul who will help you through any difficulties in life. Her reading are very thorough and will give you guidance. Such a positive and amazing experience!"

    Alexandra A. ~ Brookly, New York


    "Thanks so much for offering a free 15 minute reading. It was incredible experience with Leslie. She is nice and caring, and she provided a tremendous information in such short time. She is real deal if you want a reading from someone. Highly recommend her!"

    Jun H. ~ Arcadia, CA


    "As other reviewers have said, Leslie is truly amazing! There's no question she has a real gift. Through her tarot cards, she is always able to understand where I am coming from and with much empathy give me support. I have read with her many times and each time she has given me solid guidance about how to deal with specific issues in my work and personal life. She is also a terribly warm person who genuinely wants to help. It's almost therapeutic to speak with her. For those of who, like me, are late bloomers and are still figuring out life's big questions, her advice can really give you support in those low points. I really appreciate all of her kindness and guidance. You won't be disappointed if you choose to read with her. Highly recommend!"

    M.K. ~ Manhatten, New York


    "I met Leslie in Bali in 2013 and she did a mini tarot reading for me. She was unbelievably spot on with what was going on in my life at that time and her advice was absolutely valuable. Calming, healing and guiding. Four years on and we reconnected via Skype. Again, Leslie's lovely, caring nature shone through and over an hour she gave me guidance on my life - with her in USA and me in Australia. She talked me through the selection of the tarot cards and then talked me through their meaning, but added guidance from a higher source along the way too. I'm grateful for her readings and advice that have twice now helped me plan out my life course. Forever grateful. Thank you for recording the session too."

    Lee Lee L. ~ Beverly Hils , CA


    "So eye-opening! Leslie really prepared me for things that may come up in my future; decisions and situations I had a feeling were coming, and she let me know what to look for. I could feel her connection to me, and I look forward to another reading in the future! Thank you so much for your kind words Leslie!"

    Mariah G. ~ Beechwood, Waterloo


    "I listened to the reading and again i truly appreciate your true reading to me and I'm still amazed by your gift!
    I have so much to look forward to in my life! also nobody has ever sent me the recording of my reading! you are the truth 100%.
    Thank you Leslie!
    Omg you are the truth, you are the bomb and again I thank you so much you are god sent from the heavens above! I feel your vibe and energy when you sends me my readings. I told you nobody ever sends a recording of the readings and that's one of reason why Isay you are the truth again. I thank God for you so thank you so much!!!!!!!"

    Casey E. ~ Canyon Country, CA


    "Leslie has done a reading with me on two occasions and both times have been very eye opening and true to my current life energy! I love her ability to bring the truth through the cards to truly feel connected to what energy it speaks into your life and future."

    Julia R. ~ Coram, New York


    "I have been single for two years and although it helped me learning a lot about myself and what I want and dont want in love, I couldnt help to feel quite hopeless, like I would never fall so hard in love again like I did with my last boyfriend.
    I went to a German tarot reader before but she couldnt keep up with Leslies simply amazing reading, not only giving me hope to look foward for what is coming in cases of love for me in the future, but also still working on my own self-love while she describes your cards in beautiful metaphors.
    I had an one hour reading, where she also talked a lot about my career path, family circumstances & purpose in life.
    I was so overwhelmed and happy about my reading that I almost forgot about my own open questions in the end, because she is telling you step by step what all the cards (you even personally choose through skype or telephone) and the reading is just flowing that you feel completely satisfied and overwhelmed by all the beautiful information
    I also loved how she compares many of your own problems with what she experiences in her own personal life, which makes her even more relatable through the reading, like talking to a good friend. Also its beautiful that I always can come back to the reading and hear everything step by step because she records everything for you, which is such a kind service. All in all, Im amazed and will definitely come back for another reading, if I feel the need to."

    Clarissa D. ~ Lemont, IL


    "AMAZING. I tried the 15 min promo, and I was amazed that I decided to purchase the 30 min reading. I've had several readings done by other psychics. But Leslie has been one of the best! She's so kind, caring, and spot on! Before the reading, she starts with a prayer which I love. It allows her to connect with your energy and just gives the reading a positive start. She's positive ALL around. What I like about her is that she does the most of the talking and she gives you SO much advice. I can tell that she truly cares about her clients and does readings to help people and receive clarity. Unlike a lot of psychics, Leslie isn't in in for the money at all; she genuinely cares about you. I recommend Leslie to everyone! She is blessed with a gift of insight. I'm so happy I found her on here."

    Carissa D. ~ Granada Hills, CA


    "Leslie was an amazing reader, she is very gifted. Her readings are spot on. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and or have another reading in the near future."

    Vyvian A. ~ Cambridge, MA


    "Leslie is a magnificent reader. I came in not knowing what I was gonna get but I was really glad I had her read for me. She just really nailed it right on the head with me. I think she's very detailed and kind spirited. I will definitely come back for my next year reading!"

    Deyanira J. ~ West Hampstead, New York


    "This is the second time I've had a reading with Leslie. The first time was in person, this time was via Skype. Each time she has been very accurate, very friendly and easy to talk to and very honest. I like that she is very upfront and open and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear, but guides you through whatever the cards are saying. She has a remarkable gift and I found her reading very helpful and enlightening. I think it's also great that she sends you a photo of your cards before she goes through your reading, as well as sending you a recording of your reading afterwards. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in having their cards read, whether it be your first time or you are experienced, Leslie is a wonderful guide. I'll definitely be coming to her again for any future readings."

    Daniel B. ~ Sydney, Australia


    "I had a really great reading with Leslie yesterday. She was very warm, open and also honest about what she was reading from my cards. She said some very specific things that were very on point with what I have been experiencing in my life lately. I'm really happy for her guidance and advice and recommend her highly, she is wonderful. I'll definitely be booking another reading in the future."

    Daniel G. ~ Sydney, Australia


    "I've heard of Leslie through a mutual online and I'm so glad that she was recommended to me :). I've had three readings (the first one being 15 minutes and the other two were both an hour) with her so far and I plan to have more in the future because she is so nice, easy to talk/relate to and will give you great insight that will definitely steer you in the right direction in life. As many others have said, Leslie had specific details of things in my life that I haven't shared with anyone before and I was amazed at things she told me about myself that even I was too afraid to admit. I've been able to make those adjustments she talked about in my first reading and I feel like I'm in a better part of my life and have a more positive outlook on it because of what she said to me and the adjustments she said I should make. Leslie truly has a gift and if you're unsure of whether or not to get a reading with her, do it!"

    Assata H. ~ Snellville, GA


    "I was recommended to Leslie by a good friend and with living in a different time zone/working full-time, I opted for a reading to be sent to me over email, I was super skeptical because I know energies are hard to be read and what not but Leslie did a wonderful job. So much of it was super spot on and insightful, she answered my questions and other beautiful advice and reassurance on things in my life/future. I would highly recommend her to anyone!! Not to mention her voice is so soothing and relaxing the entire reading made me feel at ease :)"

    Sarah B. ~ Bay Village, OH


    "I've had two readings with Leslie after she was recommended to me by my best friend. The readings were encouraging and inspirational but also very insightful and helpful. While the cards do not write our paths in stone, they help us we guide ourselves and Leslie is a perfect guide as she reads the cards and explains with advice to handle our future situations! Getting more in touch with our spirituality is a key to understanding ourselves and Leslie offers great insight to readings of our subconscious. I'm very pleased and have referred many people to Leslie as she is trustworthy and reliable. With my busy schedule she was always flexible with setting up a time and my many rescheduled reading haha overall, Leslie is awesome and after you do your free 15 minute reading you will want a longer one!"

    Jillian T. ~ Campbell, CA


    "Leslie is so kind, caring, and intuitive! She's a fantastic psychic and really knew a lot about relationships (both romantic and non-romantic), especially. She knew several things about my boyfriend that she couldn't have otherwise known. She's one of a kind and such a sweet person! :)"

    Sierra K. ~ Santa Clarita, CA


    "I had my first reading with Leslie and it was such a wonderful experience. Her reading was accurate and she provided sound advice on handling what is to come in the future (: she has a friendly and welcoming persona which made me feel completely comfortable and at ease throughout the entire reading!"

    Huixian N. ~ Singapore, Singapore


    "Leslie is such a breath of fresh air. She was very inviting and generated such positive vibes. I left with such a sense of calm with what was on my mind. Everything she read was everything I needed to hear in order to move forward with the things that were blocking my growth in life at the moment. I will definitely be seeing her again whenever I need some card consoling."

    Christina V.~ Newhall, CA


    "About to get my second reading with Leslie and I just want to say that I've heeded her advice on letting creativity be my saviour and gotten back into drawing and I've been feeling better and better ever since. Thank you so much Leslie!! Many love!!"

    Chinhong C. ~ Singapore, Singapore


    "I've known Leslie for 25 years and everyone I know that has had a reading has given her 5 stars.
    A friend of mine from New Jersey had a reading recently and it changed her life.
    I highly recommend anyone interested in a reading to get one from the Amazing Leslie.
    Leslie gets the Oscar for Tarot Readings.
    A True Blessing"

    Antonia S. ~ Asbury Park, New Jersey


    "Holidays in Bali afew years ago my friend and I booked a reading at our hotel. How fortunate to meet Leslie and have an awesome reading. She has "the gift" as well as being graceful and inspiring. Can't wait for the next one"

    Fiona F. ~ Junee, Australia


    "My first reading ever and I don't regret it one second! Free 15 mins and she was even kind enough to go a little over! Very kind and insightful, I truly cannot wait to get another reading from her. She's given me hope, faith, and the push I needed. I can't thank her enough"

    Feli R. ~ Manhatten, New York


    "She was extremely detailed and knowledgeable with her readings. You'll leave the reading feeling amazed and refreshed with the information. I personally have been suffering from a crisis and she was able to see and helped me realize the path that I must take. I highly recommend her."

    Dee G. ~ Raleigh, New York


    "Leslies reading helped me dicover an emotonal blockage I had that had a huge effect on my relationships and I think thats the most important part when asking for guidence about a relationship issue. Her insights were spot on to what I was feeling intuitively. (:"

    Elise K. ~ Valencia, CA


    "Can't begin to explain how amazing my experience was with Leslie today. Off the bat I had amazing vibes with her and she's so easy to connect with. The reading she gave me was remarkable and so accurate. She helped me come to terms with my current situation and I couldn't be more excited for what the future holds. Thank you so much for my peace of mind and guidance."

    Karen A. ~ Canyon Country, CA


    "My tarot readings with Leslie were remarkably accurate, she gave me a lot of insight into difficulties I was having and more than that she empowered me to do something about them. Her reading was truly inspiring for me, I recommend Leslie to anyone who is looking for some direction and hope in life."

    Sebastian F. ~ Mittagong, Australia